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What's new ?

23 may 2024 :

  • Reinstatement of the NOAA satellite reception station (the images had not been updated since 29 April 2024).
  • Addition of Diana Eng’s biography under the educational video dedicated to directional antennas in the ‘Media/Hamradio’ section.

21 may 2024 :

  • A new video has been added to the ‘Media / Educational videos’ section: Directional antennas with Diana ENG. This video is now available in two editions for the French version of the site : the first is subtitled in French, while the second is dubbed in French by Mélissa HAZARD.

20 May 2024 :

  • Addition of a new ‘Educational projects with the ISS’ section has been added to the ‘Media’ menu with 3 new videos.

11 February 2024 :

  • Improve the aesthetic aspect of the menus.
  • Blocking registrations on the site with disposable or anonymous e-mail addresses.

10 February 2024 :

  • Addition of a box model for the AIOC (All In One Cable) interface, accessible from the “3D Modelling” section in the “Radio” menu.

21 January 2024 :

  • Addition modelling of a base for the Quansheng UV-K5 and UV-K6 radios available from the “3D Modelling” section in the “Radio” menu.

17 January 2024 :

  • Added the “3D Modelling” section to the “Radio” menu.
  • Added modelling of the ventilated housing for the Spotnik Delta Hotspot.
  • Added the archive with images and STL files for printing the enclosure to the “Download” section.

10 January 2024 :

  • Maintenance of the database for registering user accounts.

8 January 2024 :

  • Addition of the video “The Doppler effect” in the “Educational videos” section.
  • Addition of the “What’s new” page.

5 January 2024 :

  • Update of the “Antenne QFH” section.
  • Update of the “ISS Cameras” section.
  • Update of the “NOAA Images” section.
  • ISS SSTV” section updated.
  • Update of the “Press review” section.
  • New registration module on the site.

June 2023

  • Complete overhaul of the website using WordPress.
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