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Diana Eng was born on 24 May 1983 in Jacksonville, Florida. Diana is a Chinese-American fashion designer, author and stylist based in New York. Diana is co-founder of an art/electronics group and has written a book entitled ‘Fashion Geek’ which explains how to make electronic clothes. She also received top honours at Yahoo!'s Hack Day in 2006. Diana attended Stanton University and then the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). In 2005 she graduated with a degree in clothing design. She took part in a fashion show organised by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with Emily Albinski, another RISD graduate. Together they designed a dress that transforms into evening wear at the touch of a button. Diana also holds an amateur radio licence with the call sign KC2UHB and makes educational videos on the subject of radio. In March 2010, she joined the public relations committee of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League), the largest amateur radio association in the USA.
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