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Air-cooled case for Spotnik Delta Hotspot

The Spotnik Delta is an analogue Hotspot that can be connected to the French network RRF (French-speaking repeater network) and RI49 (Interconnected network in french department 49 – Maine et Loire). It incorporates a 0.5-watt UHF radio module. The Spotnik acts as a relay, enabling connection to the RRF and RI49 via the Internet using a portable walkies-talkie radio.

In its basic version, this Hotspot is not ventilated. I therefore modeled a case that can be printed using a 3D printer. This allows a fan to be added to cool the microprocessor and the components that equip this device.

The case is designed to accommodate a 40 x 40 mm fan with a depth of 10 mm fixed with M3 screws. Personally, I prefer the Noctua brand, whose fans are renowned for their silent operation, exceptional performance and excellent, award-winning quality.

The addition of the fan drastically reduces the temperature of the processor in the Orange PI microcomputer that equips the Hotspot, ensuring greater system stability, particularly during the summer months when temperatures are higher.

The case is made up of three parts:

The base.
The cover.
A tube into which the WiFi antenna slides.

The STL (acronym for “STéréoLithographie”.) files needed to print the case using a 3D printer are available in the ‘Download’ section of the ‘Radio’ menu.

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