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AIOC interface box

The AIOC (All In One Cable) interface lets you connect a portable radio to a computer. This interface incorporates a dedicated sound card for digital modes (SSTV, APRS, etc.), a virtual COM port for programming the radio and a PTT function that can be controlled via a computer, smartphone or tablet using an application.

Sold without an enclosure, many users use heat-shrink tubing to protect the circuit. However, this solution prevents the heat generated by the electronic components from dissipating.

I therefore modelled a case to house this interface based on a model found on the Internet, to which I made a few improvements:

    • Reducing the thickness of the case for better insertion.
    • Offset the side hole on the cover above the LEDs.

The STL file (an acronym for ‘STéréoLithographie’) used to print the case using a 3D printer is available in the ‘Download’ section accessible via the ‘Radio’ menu.

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