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November 7th 2020


  • Addition of a new french article in the "Press review" section : Graduates from the European Space Agency.

October 25th 2020


  • Addition of two new videos on the Youtube channel : SARCTRAC rotor version F4BPP and ISS SSTV awards.
    Update of the ISS SSTV/Images section with the addition of new pictures received during the last two ISS SSTV sessions.
    Update of the SSTV ISS/Diplomas section with the addition of the 12th award received during the commemoration of the sputnik satellite and its creator Sergei Korolev.

March 11th 2020

Radio Society Great Britain.jpg

  • New section "Educational media".
  • New English video "Amateur Radio, a hobby for the 21st century" translated and subtitled in French by F4BPP available on the "Educational media" section.
  • Update of the "SSTV activity" section (pictures and diplomas).
  • Update of the "Links" section with the addition of the School Amateur Radio Club Network.
  • Update of the "Press" section with the addition of an article from the Courrier Cauchoix.
  • Update of the "FAQ" section ("What is an amateur radio?").
  • Resetting the newsletter subscribers list. Remember to subscribe to be informed of every new feature on the site.

27 Avril 2019

New Site 2019.png

Change of host and new version of the site with many changes :

  • Deletion of all members and implementation of a new secure registration procedure subject to validation by the webmaster to avoid fraudulent accounts.
  • New sections "Photos", "YouTube" and "Press Review" available in the left side panel.
  • Update of the "Activities" section with a new tool to visualize the position of the ISS in real time thanks to a module of the NASA Global Observatory.
  • New SSTV activity with an updated section containing the SSTV images received live from the ISS and a section dedicated to the diplomas received.
  • Removed tutorials dedicated to SDR software that did not provide a really exploitable solution under Linux to receive the signals of the ISS with a correction of Doppler effects. New tutorials will soon be made with the software "QGRX", "GPredict" and "Virtual Sink".
  • Update of the "Contact" section with spam filter.
  • Update of the "Links" section.
  • Update of the "Software" and "Downloads" section.
  • Update of the "Weather" activity with reactivation of real-time reception of meteorological images from NOAA US satellites.

July, 27th 2018


Update of the "Movies" and "Pictures" areas.

July, 7th 2018

ISS Series 10.jpg

Update of the "Pictures" section :

  • New album with new images received live from the ISS for Hand-deployed satellites commemoration between  29 June an 1 July 2018.
  • New pictures in the albums "The friends of the 13 Department" and "Diplomas".

June, 10th 2018


Update of the "Pictures" and Press aera :

  • Addition 3 news articles.
  • Addition of new images received live from the ISS for the MAI-75 of 6 and 7 June 2018.
  • New album : "The friends of the 13 Department".

April, 18th 2018


Update of the "Pictures" aera with the addition of new images received live from the ISS for the MAI-75 program and the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the commencement of international space flights of the INTERKOSMOS program.

Octobre, 19th 2017


New organization of the site with addition of "Frequently asked questions" section and moving the  ISS and Météo items into the menu "Activities".

September, 22th 2017


Update of the "Pictures" aera with the addition of the SSTV Award received for the 20th anniversary of ARISS and the  photos of the F4BPP station now active in HF bands.

July, 26th 2017


Update of the "Pictures" aera with the addition of new images received live from the ISS for the ARISS 20th anniversary.

July, 17th 2017


Mobile version of the site updated.

June, 10 2017


  • New design for the Website with floating menu.
  • New weather menu entry with American NOAA weather satellites pictures live reception.
  • Real time post of the pictures to the site.

May, 1st 2017


  • New tutorial to build the ultimate antenna for ISS traffic.
  • Software updates : MyDDE, SoundModem, EasyTerm and Orbitron French translation improvement available in download area.

March, 9th 2017


  • Update of the "Medias/Videos" area.

February,  22th 2017


  • Update of the "Photos" section.
  • Update of the "Press" section.
  • Adding RSS for the news.

August, 4th 2016


  • New version of MyDDE FT-847 available in "Downloads" section.

News :

  1. A "Doppler Bypass" button for APRS traffic without having to reconfigure SoundModem when the software is set for traffic with the International Space Station.
  2. The ability to select a frequency in a list for VFO A and B. The list can be customized by editing the files and uplink.txt dnlink.txt located in the Orbitron directory.
  3.  Management CTCSS tones (encoding, decoding, encoding and decoding combined) for traffic with satellites in need with the possibility of setting for both VFO A and B in satellite mode or to Main VFO in simplex mode.
  4. A button "All" allow the CTCSS tone to be set for all VFO at once. Thus, to disable CTCSS tones on all VFO, simply select "CTCSS OFF" in the list and click on the "All" button.

Jully 23th 2016


  • Updating Satscape installation tutorial.
  • Updating the "Downloads" area.
  • Updating the mobile website.

Jully 16th, 2016


  • Updating the installation tutorials for UISS and Orbitron software.
  • Rearrangement of the "Tutorials" menu.
  • New design for the home page of the site.

Jully 14th, 2016


  • Adding the SDR-Radio installation tutorial.
  • Updating the QFH antenna tutorial.
  • New : All the tutorials software are now available in the "Downloads" section.
  • Updating mobile version of the site.

Jully 13th, 2016

La Provence 2 Juillet 2016_1.jpg

  • Updating the Link section.
  • Adding a new  "Press" item in the "Medias" menu.

Jully 1st, 2016


  • New tutorial for QSSTV update.
  • New video about ISS educational project.
  • Mobile version of the site updated.

April, 29th 2016


  • New "Medias" menu with photos and videos.
  • New video about Packet Radio traffic with International Space Station.

April, 25th 2016


Mobile version of the site improvement for more compatibility with smartphone's browsers.

April, 20th 2016


Mobile version of the site updated.

April, 18th 2016


QSSTV setup tutorial updated for the last official 9.1.4 version.

April, 9th 2016


Photos section updated with Expedition 47 from the International Space Station.

April, 9th 2016


  • Update of the new version of MyDDE for FT-847 by Andrei Kopanchuk on my request to add narrow band modes transmission, correct a bug in duplex mode and remove repeater mode if engaged.
  • Update of MyDDE for FT-847 setup tutorial.

April, 6th 2016


  • New version of MyDDE for FT-847 by Andrei Kopanchuk on my request to allow using Simplex and Duplex (Satellite) mode as well as a button for each transmission mode.
  • Update of MyDDE for FT-847 setup tutorial.

March 23th 2016


  • Adding a real-time monitoring map for ISS.
  • New organisation for the Tutorials" menu.
  • Many tutorials and topics updated.

March 1st 2016


  • Updating the "Software Define Radio" section with installation of SDR# tutorials for Wine and Mono as well as a section that presents the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions.
  • Added SDR# to the links section of the site.
  • Added a multi-camera view page in the "ISS" section.

February 27th 2016


  • Adding International Space Station virtual tour in the "ISS" menu.
  • HAM-RADIO-DELUXE installation update with less steps (silent setup of some components).
  • Mobile version of the site update.

February 22th 2016


Added topic "Weather" in the tutorials with :

  • Protocol for making a QFH antenna (previously classified in the satellite section).
  • Protocol for Digital Atmosphere and WXtoImg Installation.
  • Protocol for making a weather map by combining both software.

Adding a second streaming channel for the International Space Station that broadcasts images from another onboard camera.

Adding two new links : Digital Atmosphere and NOAA satellite receiver WeSaCom.

Adding a new slideshow with a composite image from two satellite acquisitions with and without weather data overlay.

Mobile version of the site update.

February 16th 2016


Added "ISS Live" menu option to display live high definition pictures sent by the International Space Station cameras with 3D globe display of the the station position.

Item not available on the mobile version of the site because of incompatibility with the used technologies.


February 1th 2016


Finalization of the mobile version of site. You can now access the site from your mobile while maintaining access to all area. All images were resized for low screen resolutions of smartphones and tablets. However, for convenience, it is advisable to browse the site on a PC or enable the "computer" version of your mobile browser.

January 16th 2016


New protocol for making the best QFH antenna of the world allowing NOAA weather satellites reception in APT mode without any defect from the beginning to the end of the signal acquisition (see pictures in the "Photos" area).

The protocol is reachable via the "Satellites" option from the "Tutorials" menu.

January 14th 2016


Satscape setup protocol update : New path in command line for Java 3D libraries installation to make the 3D view operational.

October 25th 2015



New download area design with file explorer.

October 3th 2015


New SDR# Setup tutorial with less steps for installation and software startup.

September 10th 2015


New Software Defined Radio section with SDR Sharp under Linux installation tutorial.

Jully, 30th 2015

Posting the tutorials for software installation.

Tutoriels online.png

Jully, 5th 2015

Website is online.

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