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August, 4th 2016


  • New version of MyDDE FT-847 available in "Downloads" section.

News :

  1. A "Doppler Bypass" button for APRS traffic without having to reconfigure SoundModem when the software is set for traffic with the International Space Station.
  2. The ability to select a frequency in a list for VFO A and B. The list can be customized by editing the files and uplink.txt dnlink.txt located in the Orbitron directory.
  3.  Management CTCSS tones (encoding, decoding, encoding and decoding combined) for traffic with satellites in need with the possibility of setting for both VFO A and B in satellite mode or to Main VFO in simplex mode.
  4. A button "All" allow the CTCSS tone to be set for all VFO at once. Thus, to disable CTCSS tones on all VFO, simply select "CTCSS OFF" in the list and click on the "All" button.