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The National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) deliver to each amateur a certificate of amateur radio operator and assign him/her a call authorizing him/her to use the frequencies allocated by the Electronic Communications and Post Control Authority (ARCEP).

In France, the call begins with the prefix "F", followed by a digit and a suffix of two or three letters.

In the Overseas Departments and Territories, an additional letter, between the "F" and the number, specifies the geographical area from which the station is broadcasting:

  • « FG » for Guadeloupe (FG1XY)
  • « FR » for Reunion (FR1XY)
  • « FO » for French Polynesia (FO1XY)
  • « FH » for Mayotte
  • « FJ »  for Saint-Barthélémy
  • « FK » for New Caledonie
  • « FM » pour la Martinique
  • « FP » for Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon
  • « FS » for Saint-Martin
  • « FT » for French antartic territories
  • « FW» for Wallis and Futuna
  • « FY » for Guyane
  • « TK » for Corse

My call is F4BPP.

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