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WXtoIMG Setup

1) Go to the "Links" item on the menu and download the software according to you operating system architecture. Choose "i386" for 32 bits version of Linux and "amd64" for 64 bits systems. Double click on the package to start the setup.


2) Click on "Install the package".


3) Check the box "Auto close when changes are applied with success" if it is not already done then wait some seconds.


4) When the process is finished, close the window.


5) Go to the "Download" item of the sftware menu and download the Linux HAM Icons archive. Double click on it to open its content.


6) Copy the file "wxtoimg.png" in the same directory where you downloaded the WXtoIMG software then close the window.


7) Right click with the mouse on the desktop and choose "Create a new launcher" in the menu.


8) Enter "WXtoIMG" in the "Name" field and "xwxtoimg" in the "Command" field. Then click on the icon to the left side of the window to select the picture of the launcher.


9) With the file selector, got to the directory where you have extracted the icon picture "wxtoimg.png" and select it with the mouse. Then click on the "Open" button.


10) Once the icon picture selected, you should get the same thing than below. Just click on "Validate" to put the shortcut on the desktop.


11) Now click on the desktop shortcut to launch the software.


12) Welcome to the Linux version of WXtoIMG !